Salary Schedules/ Salary Settlement Information

Good afternoon all.


Attached are two documents:

1. the new salary schedules: certificated, 6th period stipends, ROP, Adult School, and then stipends

2. the 2015-16 Salary Formula settlement


On August 4th, 2016, the District and SVFT settled the salary calculation for the retroactive payment for 2015-16 and on-going. The 6.5% increase brings the total raises over the past 6 years to over 20%. Your checks, issued Wednesday, will reflect this increase.


The following is a list of the factors that the District and SVFT must consider on-going:


-STRS increasing obligation for the District (12.58% 2016-17, 14.43% 2017-18, 16.28%, 18.13%, 19.1%… on-going)

– Teacher Shortage

– Governor’s Projected Budget

– Inability to retain teachers

– Status of Prop 55 (previously Prop 30)

– Increasing enrollment


The 2016-17 projected revenue increase is $1.1 million. this equates to approximately a 1% change and will allow the District to troubleshoot these factors, and the impact on their finances. You will notice that there will be no increase in 2016-17, to address the concerns above. In the next 22 months, the District should evaluate how to address the Salary Formula, either cooperatively with SVFT or on their own. 


If you have any questions, please attend your site meetings or contact me.


Thank you for all you do and have done to make this Union stronger.





In Unity-

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