If you’re a teacher in the Salinas Union High School District, you’re better off in SVFT. Download one of our Membership Forms now and fill it out and give it to a building rep at your site.

The best bargaining tool we have to negotiate good contracts for members is 100% membership. Joining = better contracts!

Collective strength also means we can do a better job of making sure our members’ rights are respected, and that everyone is treated fairly.

Because we believe that members have the right to be judged based on their behavior as human beings, on their relations to their fellow human beings, and on their conduct as union members, we fight against racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, and discrimination based on job classifications.

We lobby the local school board, other local elected officials, state legislators, and the United States Government’s elected officials to act in ways that benefit our working conditions, our students’ learning conditions, and a fair and just society where everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve to their greatest potential.

You get to vote in union elections for representation and contract ratification votes.

You get access to lots of great benefits, like the ones listed below:

  • AFT PLUS Insurance:
  • AFT PLUS questions:
  • AFT Home Page:
  • Big Deal Book: 1-800-650-0034
  • Credit Card:
  • Legal: 1-888-993-8886
  • Discount Dining: 1-877-491-DINE (3463), call us for code.
  • Mortgage:
  • Hotel Royal Plaza:
  • Subscriptions: 1-800-877-7238
  • Theme Parks and Car Rental:
  • AFT Plus Bookstore:
  • Education First Educational Tours: 1-800-807-9020
  • Explore America: 1-800-503-2323
  • Go Ahead Vacations: 1-800-438-7672
  • Tax Guide: 1-877-569-8299 e-mail:
  • AFT Insurance: 1-800-272-4AFT (4238)
  • Home Mortgage: 1-800-981-3798
  • Loan: 1-888-235-2759
  • AFT MasterCard: Customer Service: 1-800-622-2580 / To apply by phone: 1-800-522-4000
  • Dental and Vision: 1-800-257-8352
  • Ear Care: 1-800-766-3363
  • Prescription: 1-800-228-3523
  • Flowers: 1-888-667-7779
  • Theme parks and Car Rental: 1-800-238-1133 x8643
  • Magazine Discounts: 1-800-877-7238
  • Motor Club: 1-888-330-8801
  • Hotels (Member Benefit #20952)
    • Days Inn: 1-800-268-2195
    • Howard Johnson: 1-800-769-0939
    • Knights Inn: 1-800-682-1071
    • Ramada: 1-800-462-8035
    • Travelodge: 1-800-545-5545
    • Villager: 1-888-821-5779
  • Car Rentals
    • Alamo Car Rental: 1-800-354-2322
    • Budget Car Rental: 1-800-455-2848
    • National Car Rental: 1-800-CAR-RENT (227-7368)