2017 Raoul Teilhet Scholarship

CFT Leaders and Staff, 

The CFT is pleased to announce that the Federation is now accepting applications for the 2017 Raoul Teilhet Scholarship Program. Since the program was established in 1997, the CFT has helped hundreds of students achieve their higher education goals by awarding them Raoul Teilhet Scholarships.

High school seniors and continuing college students who are children or dependents of CFT members in good standing are eligible to apply. Scholarships in the amounts of $3000 or $1000 are awarded for any one year of higher education.

Applications can be downloaded from our website, and members may call any of our offices to request that an application be mailed to them. Please take a few minutes to read the application so you know the type of information applicants are asked to provide. Members will be asking the local union president to sign the Member Verification Form to verify that the parent or guardian of the applicant is a union member. (See page 7 in the applications.)

There are two separate applications and two deadlines

High school senior applications are due January 10, 2017

Continuing college student applications are due July 1, 2017 

Back-to-school flyers

Despite regular notices in California Teacherwe urge you to publish scholarship information in your newsletters and on your websites so that those who are interested can take advantage of this opportunity. You can also distribute these flyers to members in back-to-school packets.

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