Jan 11

January 18th CFT Convention Delegation Election

On January 18th be prepared to vote for 5 delegates to represent SVFT’s priorities for the upcoming year….More information to follow.

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Jan 11

New Year! New You!

Come and hike with your fellow SVFT members and their families. Saturdays and/or Sundays…..Check your e-mails for time and dates!

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Nov 15

Thank you for Prop 55

The over 1000 members of the Salinas Valley Federation of Teachers would like to express their appreciation to the voters of Monterey County for their yes votes on Proposition 55. Monterey County voters were among the highest in support of the proposition, statewide. The passage of Prop 55 will ensure that Salinas schools will be able to count on current funding levels in order to continue providing quality education for our students. Thank you for your commitment and continued confidence public education funding.

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Nov 14

You are cordially invited….

We are excited to invite you to the…

 SVFT 1st Community Project 

next Sunday, November 20th from 10-12 pm with 

Surfrider Foundation

(Tioga Avenue in Seaside)

After the big tides of this weekend, come out and help clean up the beach so that we can all safely walk the beaches over our Thanksgiving Break.

We have five people commit, but we would love to have a group of 15-20. Come take a walk on the beach, clear your mind, and help keep our Monterey Bay clean. (Future Projects will include the Salinas River)

Reply to katharine.bassler@salinasuhsd.org if you can commit to 2 hours on Sunday, and I’ll forward you additional information.

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Sep 24

Teledoc: Save time and money!

Please take a few moments to read the attachment.
is a service that has helped the Trust save money this year, and we need to increase participation and enrollment.
This is ONE step to address our rising health care costs.
Please enroll today!



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Aug 30

Salary Schedules/ Salary Settlement Information

Good afternoon all.


Attached are two documents:

1. the new salary schedules: certificated, 6th period stipends, ROP, Adult School, and then stipends

2. the 2015-16 Salary Formula settlement


On August 4th, 2016, the District and SVFT settled the salary calculation for the retroactive payment for 2015-16 and on-going. The 6.5% increase brings the total raises over the past 6 years to over 20%. Your checks, issued Wednesday, will reflect this increase.


The following is a list of the factors that the District and SVFT must consider on-going:


-STRS increasing obligation for the District (12.58% 2016-17, 14.43% 2017-18, 16.28%, 18.13%, 19.1%… on-going)

– Teacher Shortage

– Governor’s Projected Budget

– Inability to retain teachers

– Status of Prop 55 (previously Prop 30)

– Increasing enrollment


The 2016-17 projected revenue increase is $1.1 million. this equates to approximately a 1% change and will allow the District to troubleshoot these factors, and the impact on their finances. You will notice that there will be no increase in 2016-17, to address the concerns above. In the next 22 months, the District should evaluate how to address the Salary Formula, either cooperatively with SVFT or on their own. 


If you have any questions, please attend your site meetings or contact me.


Thank you for all you do and have done to make this Union stronger.







In Unity-

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Aug 20

$25,000 Insurance Policy

Important Union Membership Benefit
In your mailbox, in the next few days, you will find a memo with a pink card attached. This is one of your many benefits of Union Membership, a $25,000. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Policy.
We need to have updated cards on file, and all we need you to do is complete the pink card, place it in the attached envelope, and put it into the intra-district mail. Please try and complete these by the end of August.
Attached is an image of the card, so that you can prepare for the necessary information.
Thank you and let me know if you have any questions.
In Unity-

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Aug 20

SUHSD Bowl Nights!

Hello everyone.
Bowling is ON!
After last year’s breakout success, the EAHS Faculty Senate // Sunshine Committee are proud to announce the second annual SUHSD Bowling Nights. They will be held at at Valley Center Bowl at 1081 S Main St, Salinas on the first Thursday of each month from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm (unless otherwise specified.)

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Aug 20

Tentative Agreement and Vote

Good afternoon all-
Attached is the Tentative Agreement for the 2015-16 Negotiations.
The first page is an explanation of the language and is followed by the agreement and Contract language.
The vote will be on Wednesday, August 31st, with absentee voting on the 30th.
Thank you for all of your support.
In Unity-

Tentative Agreement 2015-2016




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Aug 20

2017 Raoul Teilhet Scholarship

CFT Leaders and Staff, 

The CFT is pleased to announce that the Federation is now accepting applications for the 2017 Raoul Teilhet Scholarship Program. Since the program was established in 1997, the CFT has helped hundreds of students achieve their higher education goals by awarding them Raoul Teilhet Scholarships.

High school seniors and continuing college students who are children or dependents of CFT members in good standing are eligible to apply. Scholarships in the amounts of $3000 or $1000 are awarded for any one year of higher education.

Applications can be downloaded from our website, and members may call any of our offices to request that an application be mailed to them. Please take a few minutes to read the application so you know the type of information applicants are asked to provide. Members will be asking the local union president to sign the Member Verification Form to verify that the parent or guardian of the applicant is a union member. (See page 7 in the applications.)

There are two separate applications and two deadlines

High school senior applications are due January 10, 2017

Continuing college student applications are due July 1, 2017 

Back-to-school flyers

Despite regular notices in California Teacherwe urge you to publish scholarship information in your newsletters and on your websites so that those who are interested can take advantage of this opportunity. You can also distribute these flyers to members in back-to-school packets.

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